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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

This school became my world. I have been in this school before I even graduated from college. I don’t look at it as a job anymore. It became my dream, my motivation and my inspiration.

Every time I am discouraged, I look at the students’ eyes, and I remember why God called me to this school in the first place, then I get on my feet again. 

Many School offer what we offer education wise. I don’t claim that we are the only one to give the best quality education and so on. However, I can surely, say that our small school do offer education lime home schooling. 

Our students are all known by name and surely not by numbers. The parents are an important part of our teaching system. We are all a big family who work for the benefit of each other. Moreover, it is a priority in our kids the Christian Ethics. This way we are sure we are by working with them as a whole. We aren’t offering education only, we are also building a generation who can and will make a difference in an aching country like others. 

As the years go by and with every challenging situation and life hurdle, that you may encounter, I hope that you remember and stick to our school motto.

It is my responsibility to NES, to my family, and to myself to be my best. I ask that you maintain an optimistic outlook on life and above all, be the best person that you can be. Continue to do the right thing and to uphold the core values of all: integrity, empathy, gratitude, and perseverance. 

Continue to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Be kind and strive to understand other people’s perspectives. 

Once you reach the mountain’s summit, remain humble and show your gratitude to people that rekindled your desire to persevere when you felt defeated. 

It is my hope that many years from now, once you become adults, the mere mention of NES, or a second reading of these words, will cause you to reminisce old friendships, conjure many fond memories, and help bring a smile to your face. 

Know that you positively impacted the life of all NES community, especially mine. 

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