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New Student Application Guidelines

NES welcomes applications from all candidates, regadless of color, gender, race, nationality, or religion. NES does not discriminate among applicants

Admission Steps and Instructions to fill Out the Application Form

  • Admission app,ications to KG1 classes It starts on March 1. A child must be 3 years of age(on or before January 31).
  • Other class applications start on April 1.
  • Parents or legal guardians have to fill out an application form and provide the school with the needed documents listed below.
  • All fields are mandatory. If it is not applicable, please fill in "Not Applicable." Incomplete applications fail to be processed.
  • Enter all relevant details carefully. Data Once submitted, it cannot be changed. So, please take a look before the final submission.

  • Press the submit button.

  • After successful submission of the application form, you will get a confirmation message on screen.

  • Attach all the relevant documents to the printed application form, sign the form, and submit the documents to the admissions office when you are called by the school for a student assessment and interview with parents.

  • The original documents should be brought to the school for verification and return.

  • The original transfer certificate from the current school (where applicable) will be retained by the school.

  • • All applicants who submit a complete application within the time announced will be equally considered.

    • All candidates must sit for an oral and written entrance exam.

    Important Note

    • Students who are offered enrollment will be contacted by phone.

    • Once accepted and the required fees are paid, a place for the student is reserved.

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