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Thank you for your interest in applying to the Nazarene Evangelical School-Sin El Fil. We appreciate choosing NES as a partner in the education journey of your child. 

NES accepts students without regard to race, creed, national origin, gender, or religious beliefs. Students are selected based on academic potential, school achievement, and readiness for the school’s rigorous and robust curriculum. 

Interested Parents or guardians are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, starting March 2022.

The following Admission Procedures are followed:

  1. Inquiry meeting 

If a family is considering an application at NES, they are welcomed to arrange an initial inquiry meeting by contacting the school office or visiting the school personally. This will be an opportunity to meet with the Head of School or the Admission responsible and to gain an understanding of school, the academic curriculum and school environment. We enquire about academic, social and behavioral background of the student.

  1. Submission of documents

After the initial interview, parents will be given the list of required documentation for registration with the school.  

Applicants should fill the application form and submit it along with the required documents of the Candidate Student, which are: 

  • ID Copy/The Individual Civil Registry Record Copy/ or Passport Copy 
  • The Family Civil Registry Record Copy
  • 2 recent passport size photos. 
  • Medical History Report/Vaccination Card
  • A transfer or leaving certificate from previous school (original)
  • Registration Fees

All documents must be received before registration can be completed. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

3- A Placement Evaluation/Entrance Exam: 

  1. A placement written test is assigned for all learners in math and English (comprehension and writing), and Arabic. The Arabic test for learners applying to join the American System is a level test only; 
  2. Results are turned into the academic office within two days of the entrance exam, the academic coordinator summarizes the comments of the math, English and Arabic heads of departments, and sends the tests together with his comments and recommendations to the registrar.
  3. A psycho-educational assessment is requested for learners with learning difficulties. The file is sent to the Education Coordinator and Speech Therapist. 
  4. The results of the interview and the academic placement test are evaluated and a check on references and previous grades is made by the Heads of Sections, registrar, and Principal. A decision on admission is taken based on the above.

Remark I: Nursery applicants must have turned three years of age and be toilet-trained by September 30th of the enrolling year. KG I and KG II applicants must be four and five years old respectively by September 30th of the enrolling year. 

Remark II: If there is no additional room in the class that your child is being placed in, the student will be wait-listed in the order of the completed registration package being submitted to the school.

Remark III: Students admitted to the non-Lebanese programs, who have an exemption from the Lebanese Program issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Education, are not required to study regular Arabic but will be placed in the special Arabic program.

Tuition Fees
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